Saturday, January 28, 2012

Problem: problems

THE ZONE OF UNEASE, Jan 28 – I have a new Vice column out regarding the phenomenon of god damned fucking shit that doesn’t fucking work right. This column was inspired by Blogger / Blogspot, which I would gleefully curb stomp into thousands of shards of plastic and circuits, if only it were a physical thing I could physically assault in the real, non-Tron world.

Apparently I’ve been a slow learner in figuring out how bad Blogspot has gotten. When I tell people of my coding woes they say things like oh yeah, that site sucks. The general tone reminds me of the night I was driving a large rental truck north from Virginia with all my possessions in the back and my two cats in carriers in the cab and my pal Neil woke from a long nap as we passed Philadelphia only to say, with obvious disappointment, oh you took THIS route 95. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THESE THINGS?!?

The good news is that I’ll have a snazzy new blog up sometime before I leave for my book tour in April. Speaking of which, the dates are slowly firming up. Thanks to every one who has been writing in. I’ll keep the dates below current. And Vice has also gone and printed 3 chapters from the new novel. If you’re worried that these will spoil the book for you, please keep in mind that there are still another 106 chapters that you have not yet read.