Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New: bugs

THE INTERNET, Oct 5 – New column up, on the bug pit of Uzbekistan. You should read this while you are eating because I would find that funny.

SEMIRELATED: This is the first October I've been able to enjoy as an adult. Those of you with severe arachnophobia know what misery Halloween season can be. Every public space is decorated with garish, monstrous spider decorations. Sometimes those decorations are in places like supermarkets and banks and Laundromats where one's presence is mandatory. If you’re scared of spiders – giant, cartoony, or otherwise - it’s a long, torturous month.

Hypnotherapy has changed all that. I had to buy some Dayquil at Walgreens recently. While I was waiting in line, it took me a moment to realize that I was standing in front of a 2-foot cloth tarantula. This would have caused me acute distress just a year ago. Now it’s an afterthought. Seriously; if you’re someone who suffers from a major phobia, consider hypnotism. Cost less than $500. Changed my life.