Friday, September 30, 2011

New: Stamina Land

THE INTERNET, SEPT. 30 - My new article on traveling to Petra, Jordan is now online at - surprise! - Vice. I was there for 30 hours, much of which was spent in excruciating pain. It was the best trip I've ever taken.

Also, I've got a new column up about optical migraines. Which I now have, again. Enjoy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New: Messiah Hunt

THE INTERNET, Sept. 16 - My new, 5,000+ word essay on mental illness in the Holy Land is now online at Vice. I've shot my mouth off for years about the complex psychotic rupture known as Jerusalem Syndrome, and I was embarrassed, last year, to read that I'd referenced the phenomenon in at least three unrelated articles. So it was nice of Vice to send me there to cover the real deal. Thanks, guys.

Also, I logged another weekly column on Tuesday. This one's about the Weird Period of late 2002. It's not bad (for me).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Problem: Creepy "Book" Situation

THE ZONE OF UNEASE, Sept. 6 - Two weeks ago I learned that a book had apparently been written about me. Turns out it’s more of a “book”. The team of Henssonow, Surhone, and Tennoe have also penned such classics as “United States Courthouse and Post Office (Kansas City, Missouri)”, “Raqibul Hasan (cricketer, Born 1987)” and “Alice in Chains (German Edition)”. According to Amazon, there are 118,168 "books" in the series.

My best guess is that this is somehow related to an Amazon phenomenon known as “private label rights”. Maybe that concept has been taken over by spambots. The increasing sophistication of marketing robots makes weird items like this an inevitability. Although it could be something else entirely. My first reaction at seeing this was that I was somehow in trouble, and I guess I shouldn’t rule out that option either.

FYI, I have a birthday coming up in 7 months, if anyone wants to buy me one. Used copies start at a -1% discount!

Also, I have another column up, this one about the crushing crushingness of Kansas’s “Dust In The Wind”. It’s decent.