Thursday, August 4, 2011

New: Things To Read

POMONA, Aug 4 - My pal Steve tells me I am "blowing it" with this blog. So, to reiterate: I am in the middle of a very, very busy period in my life. Things will clear up soonish. In the meantime, I have two new columns up on Vice, on Glenn McCoy and Chexsystems (two subjects everyone should be up to speed on).

I am running out of filler graphics for this blog.

Also, I remembered the other day that I've been meaning, for the last decade, to write something about Brendan Mullen's "Annihilation Man". I read this 6,500-word LA Weekly piece on Germs frontman Darby Crash in early 2001. The article made an enormous impact on me, vastly expanding my understanding of how music journalism could (and should) work. I emulated this essay years later, with my profile on Doc Dart. And although Mullen abandoned this structure with the following year's Lexicon Devil - opting instead for that flimsiest of book formats, the oral history - I'd always meant to write him a brief Thank You for the Weekly piece. Unfortunately, he died two years ago. So I guess that's off the table now. Unless people in Heaven read my blog. Huh.