Wednesday, June 15, 2011


CORRECTIONS DEPT., June 15 - Of last December's post, paragraph two, my pal O. writes;

I fucked up! It looks like he is bending the neck from some angles, but at about 6:21 in this clip from Decline you can see him whanging a whammy bar on his SG during "Beef Bologna." So much for my knowledge of things. Retract!

And this week's Vice column is now online. Apparently it is an every-Tuesday kind of deal, NOT every Monday. Now I know.

Also, I finally wrote and posted an obituary for my good friend Kara, who died on Valentine's Day. I had such a hard time putting this together that I had to bench it for a few months and let myself get used to the idea that she really is gone. That hasn't yet occurred, but I didn't like the idea of letting this go unwritten indefinitely. So it's up now. I miss her.