Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


CORRECTIONS DEPT., June 15 - Of last December's post, paragraph two, my pal O. writes;

I fucked up! It looks like he is bending the neck from some angles, but at about 6:21 in this clip from Decline you can see him whanging a whammy bar on his SG during "Beef Bologna." So much for my knowledge of things. Retract!

And this week's Vice column is now online. Apparently it is an every-Tuesday kind of deal, NOT every Monday. Now I know.

Also, I finally wrote and posted an obituary for my good friend Kara, who died on Valentine's Day. I had such a hard time putting this together that I had to bench it for a few months and let myself get used to the idea that she really is gone. That hasn't yet occurred, but I didn't like the idea of letting this go unwritten indefinitely. So it's up now. I miss her.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New: Hiding The Horror

THE LAND OF TRIUMPH, June 13 - "Hiding The Horror", my new 5,000+ word essay about beating arachnophobia, is now online at Vice. I took a huge gamble with this piece and it totally paid off. Kudos to me. And thanks to everyone at Vice for facilitating this.

photo by John Michaels

Not long after my pal John snapped this photo - a picture that would have caused heart palpitations a month earlier - I found myself driving home high as a kite on raw human ego. I swerved, I cut people off, I lashed elderly drivers with my car horn. I just conquered my biggest fear, lady! I yelled more than once. What have you ever done with your life????

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

THE INTERNET, June 7 - My new weekly column, "The Brutality Report", is now online at Vice. It'll update every Monday.

I've entered a weird - and hopefully brief - period where I'm working above my capacity on projects that won't come to fruition until next year. I've been telling friends I'm operating at 110%. But really it's more like 114%. Some things have to give, and more often than not it's this very unpaid blog that loses. It's frustrating. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Until then, my new column can take up some of the slack?