Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: "Some and None"

FROM THE ARCHIVES, Feb 10 - I can't overstate the impact this song had on my formative years. In particular, I can't overstate the sheer existential horror of the "none of us are here" line. I remember laying awake in bed as a petrified kindergartner, pondering the terrible riddle of those five little words. If someone was talking, how could NONE of them have been there?

1. I had not, however, remembered the wonderful little tune. With its pippy organ and peppy game show tempo and that neat start-stoppiness of a good Gun Club song, it seems like it would be impossible to feel sad while "Some And None" is playing. Just try it - go out and get a divorce or get your foot amputated and then watch this video. See? Everything's fine!

2. The mosh pit starting at 0:32. Earlier in the day, I'd read John Seabrooks' gruesome New Yorker article on stampedes and mass tramplings. This song made that article OK.

3. If I ever rob a bank, I want to incorporate this song into the mix (iPod? Boom box? In the getaway car?).

4. This is the only video I could find in English (Ginger Manson just isn't the same in German or Spanish). This version, with its weird, acid reflux sizzle of VHS, raises a different eddy of nostalgia: it feels like I might wear out the YouTube video if I play it too much.