Friday, February 4, 2011

New: Dear Jesus anthology

THE INTERNET, Feb. 4 - Unlike other lulls on this blog, January's one-post malaise had a blamable agent. I've spent the last few weeks carefully restoring copies of my old fanzine, Dear Jesus, for online sale. Reading all my early 1990's writing - occasionally funny, frequently mortifying - screwed up my writing processes in the present. But that process is now complete, and you can purchase copies of the new collection on my refurbished eBay store.

From the new intro to the Dear Jesus anthology;

Remember when you were 14 and completely insufferable because you thought you knew everything? Ever wonder what would happen if you stayed that way well into your twenties? Well, wonder no more. Dear Jesus is what would happen. I'm not embarrassed by any of my old bands: I am deeply embarrassed by these five fanzines. They provide an accurate written account of me at my absolute worst as a human being.

I've had to do a lot of explaining and apologizing in my career, and I'm not blind to the irony of explaining and apologizing for a zine whose own intro, written 22 years ago, explains and apologizes for my previous zine from the mid-1980's. In a perfect world, I would have hunted down and shredded every copy of Dear Jesus. Instead, the logic of capitalism dictates that I nicely package the whole thing for a quick buck. My humiliation can be your bathroom reading. So be it. No big deal. Enjoy.