Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Error reviews (1999)

FROM THE ARCHIVES, Dec. 10 - Here are some reviews from my Error fanzine, issue 103, written in a period when I had a lot of time on my hands. The writing in this issue got pretty weird, placing this blog entry squarely in the 'filler' category.


Franklin “Roy Is Dead” 7
Not understandable. I saw this band five years ago in the Maryland panhandle, and the band’s guitarist ended their set abruptly by flinging his instrument into a bank of metal folding chairs and bawling. It boded badly for the future. Now it is indeed the future and there is indeed a tidal surge of such rigmarole. The music here is so slender it simply fails to register on the ears, and listening to it made me free associate past conversations, the bass progression in the old CNN theme song, the taste of ranch dressing on iceberg lettuce, the fact that my late grandmother briefly lived across the street from actor Brian Denehy…

Merzbow “Hybrid Noisebloom” CD
9 Shocks Of Terror “Earth, Wind and the Sheik Throwing Fire” 7”
9SOT is some anonymous Ohio thrash with mostly hostile second person lyrics. Does anonymous Ohio thrash fulfill a social function? Packaging features a photo of the band playing in someone's living room - full frontal drapes and lamp - which kind of weakens their punch. Likewise, on Merzbow's sluggish “Hybrid…”CD, there’s a photo of the man himself just sitting there, twisting knobs, also completely ruining the mental imagery. Are these failures of imagination or attempts at demystification? Phrased another way - if you walk into a restaurant with a "help wanted" sign and ask to fill out a "crapplication" are you making a statement or just being a wise ass?

Harry Pussy tour LP
Hellnation "At War With Emo" 5"
Make-Up "In Mass Mind" LP
Stereolab "Miss Modular" 7"
Listened to the first side of the Harry Pussy LP while eating dinner (Mrs. T.'s potato perrogis, iced coffee, fruit salad) in the next room. When I finished my meal and put the dishes away, I flipped the record over and listened to the second side as far away from the turntable as my building's layout would permit, noting that the album sounded qualitatively different 3 rooms away. That seemed to go well, so I then left the Stereolab 7" on at a decent volume while I took a shower. Again, no problems. Two days later my apartment was a mess so I played the Hellnation 5" at a restricted volume while vacuuming. Later that night I left to have dinner with some friends, so I played side A of the Make Up album with the volume completely off and when I returned much later that night everything seemed to be in order.

V/A "Southeast Hardcore, fuck yeah!!" 7"
Had a hard time telling any of the southwest hardcore bands apart from one another and I have a sneaking suspicion that they all physically resemble each other as well. Why not a Baja California hardcore comp or an Aleutian Island hardcore comp? What if you forced the peoples of different lands to form hardcore bands??? Like; 'no band, no food'? These are the kind of things I think about when I'm on line at the bank. Actually I'm on line at the bank right now, as I write this. Oops, looks like it's my turn!