Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New: Anti-Music issue

EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM DEPT., Aug 16 – The “Anti-Music issue” of Vice Magazine, for which I guest edited, is now online. I have two big pieces in this issue – the sad mask of “Closed Frontier”, which is balanced by the happy mask of “The Vice Guide To Not Being In A Band”. There are also some great articles and illustrations by Erika Anderson, Anthony Berryman, Neil Burke, Rick Froberg, Oliver Hall, John Michaels, Ian Svenonius, and Tara Tavi, among many others. And a gripping article on the current Crass litigation which appears to be a scoop.

I wrote a little over 10,000 words for this issue. There are 1,105 emails in my Gmail “Anti-Music” folder. It was a lot of work.