Monday, August 9, 2010

Misc: The Cycle Of Life

Sig was born in 2007. He seems to have a handle on everything. Last week, a police car sped by, sirens blaring, and Sig turned to his dad and explained, "his boyfriend died!"

Last month I called animal control to come get a baby possum that was slowly dying in the back yard. I didn't get too close because it might have diseases. The animal control guy arrived, and I led him around back. He said, "that's not a possum. That's a rat. We can't take rats." We stood there, watching the rat wriggle through its death throes. Finally, the animal control guy looked at me and said, quietly, "cycle of life, man."


I had to buy two new tires yesterday. When I rounded the back of the tire garage place, I saw this;

It took a good moment to realize it wasn't a real dead head. My educated guess is that they keep this thing by the dumpster year round, and all the extra adrenaline in my system somehow resulted in me buying a more expensive grade of tire than I'd planned. That's how they get you.