Monday, July 5, 2010

News: Speaking Robo Thing

THE ZONE OF UNEASE, July 5 - Q: What do you get when you cross a CPR mannequin, the Eraserhead monster, and "the real Bina[sp?], who didn't respond to requests for an interview?" You get this video, which starts strong and gets stronger;

There are several potent communication tricks packed into these five minutes and twelve seconds. I now know that if I feel threatened in a conversation I can always A) act like I'm speaking through a petite mal seizure, B) subtly bare my teeth, and/or C) act like I'm reading off huge, invisible cue cards. Also: if a robot has the number "48" at the end of their name, does that imply that there are 47 misshapen failures somewhere, murmuring horrific things to each other in some dark back room?

And when does Bina48 get to fight Iran's newly announced Soorena-2??