Friday, April 23, 2010

Mystery: Recent Past Recreated

POMONA, April 23 - Some Hollywood types have been filming a movie in my neighborhood. This is a rarer event than you'd think. Angelinos view the eastern end of their own county like that creepy outermost section of a shopping mall parking lot where no one ever goes except to buy Christmas trees once a year. The city of Pomona shelled out $13,225 to entice Nuclear Mango Studios to venture into the outer burbs. I guess that was big enough of a Christmas Tree.

The movie, "Politics Of Love", takes place in mid-2008. Local storefronts were done up as competing campaign headquarters in a strange attempt to recreate the world of the very recent past. The fake Obama headquarters was decorated in fake Shepard Fairey art. There are several bars not far from here; I like the idea that someone could come stumbling down this street, alone and besotted, and suddenly realize they'd been transported back in time by twenty months. That must have happened.

The movie concerns forbidden love on the campaign trail. Its working title was "Love, Barack". It sounds pretty dull. What they should do is make a movie about an alternate universe where McCain wins, tanks the economy by choking government spending, bombs Iran and establishes a 2,000-mile-long continuous front in the Middle East, then promptly falls, breaks his hip, and dies. Now there's a movie.

Not far from here, a withered HAPPY 50TH Mylar balloon dangles limply from a tree. I thought it was one of the saddest things I'd ever seen until it was pointed out to me that it might have been the tree's birthday, it which case it was kind of an uplifting sight.