Friday, November 6, 2009

New: The Dessert Psycho

EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM DEPT., NOV 6 - My 7,500 word profile of drummer and pastry chef Brooks Headley is now online at Vice magazine. Brooks - now the head pastry chef at Mario Batali's Del Posto restaurant - was kind enough to give me full access to his kitchen, for which I thank him. It was a fun piece to write.

Glen E. Friedman took the photos. Although I had no contact with the man, it's still a little unnerving to see that byline. Friedman's My Rules photozine was one of only three influences, all visual, that made me want to perform in a band twenty years ago. Collaborating on any project with him, no matter how indirectly, has the feel of past brushes with personally significant celebrities, like the time I passed Kurt Vonnegut on an Upper West Side sidewalk, or the time my band played the courtyard of the Arclight in Hollywood and annoyed Eric Idle.

photo by Justine Demetrick

Also, It's come to my attention that some people are put off by the length of these profile pieces. I would like to remind these people now that reading such articles is, in fact, quite mandatory. You don't have a choice in the matter. Get on it.