Friday, August 7, 2009

New: Alex Cox Interview

EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM DEPT., AUG 7 - My interview with British filmmaker Alex Cox is now online at the Village Voice. The director of Repo Man and Sid And Nancy endured my grilling on his upcoming Repo Chick with the jolly good humor I've come to expect from our British brothers. Not included in the piece were our discussions on John Carpenter films, southern Oregon, and his disdain of Obama from the left. He only grew momentarily icy when I mentioned that I really enjoyed the first two Terminator movies, which, sorry, I'll stand by.

Repo Man was the reason I wore a tie and buzz cut for most of high school. The film held vast sway over my teen years. When I got to discuss Escape From New York with Cox it was one of the few moments where I was able to pay back my 15-year old self for all the ridiculous things I've done as an adult.