Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paper Blowing Around (1987)

SIGNIFICANT DOCUMENTS, May 20 - Anything that is good with my life in 2009 can be traced back to the four panel cartoon "Paper Blowing Around", which was drawn by Jason O'toole in 1987. Jason and I were best friends in high school, and in the tradition of all good sit-coms, we roomed together as freshmen in college. He ran this comic in an issue of our fanzine, Plain Truth. My future friends Adam and Neil sought him out after reading this comic, I eventually formed bands with both, and through touring with one of these bands I met my wife, etc etc etc.

So thanks to Jason. I asked him recently if I could include this on my blog, and he said sure, as long as I mentioned that the 1999 film "American Beauty" gracelessly ripped off all four panels. As if I needed another reason to hate that movie.