Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Off In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 23 - Day off in Philadelphia. On Sunday I dragged everyone through bitterly cold streets to visit the Liberty Bell. We got there, and guess what? It's just a bell. Tara looked at me and said what did you expect?

The Word Out Awareness Foundation has been taking out billboards;

photo by Tara Cassidy

In 1991, I was shopping for groceries in Jersey City when I found one of those little gumball vending machines selling Gulf War stickers. I put in two quarters and got this nifty "Kill" sticker;

Somehow my pal Neil got custody of the sticker and it has made appearances on the walls of every apartment, house, or workspace he's occupied ever since.

photo by Rich Unhoch

Neil found this photo of his old band Lifesblood last week. Some unpleasantness occurred almost immediately after this picture was shot.